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Introduction to OutSmart

About OutSmart

OutSmart is  a patented DIY security system designed to keep people safe both at home and on the go.

With around 75% of all US homes lacking proper security, OutSmart overcomes the single biggest barrier to security uptake being cost. OutSmart is easy to install and simple to use.

The public is calling out for greater security and safety both in an individual home and in communities.

To meet this demand, OutSmart can also operate and integrate into settings such as public transport, hospitals and educational institutions as well as in shopping malls, car parks and outdoor venues.

OutSmart represents a decisive shift in what to expect from security.

Letter From The CEO

In recent years, advances in technology and modern communications have enabled consumer engagement and the acquisition of goods and services in more cost effective and innovative ways.

Think Uber, AirBnB and Amazon. It’s now the way of life.

Similarly, our vision for security is personalized and inter-connected. The OutSmart system is inexpensive to acquire, capable of Do –It –Yourself installation, and due to the system’s intelligent cloud decision making capability, requires minimal engagement. It provides safety and peace of mind for individuals at home and at the same time for neighbors and the community at large.

OutSmart also extends to protecting individuals in emergency or threatening situations at work, schools, colleges or universities or simply going about day to day activities such as shopping or catching public transport.

Our motto is: One Security   One Priority   Your Safety

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